Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Three White Stallions

In this painting I wanted to portray the strength and power in the old Spanish line of horses--the Andalusians and Lippazans. I watched some youtube videos of these horses just to get my mind on the right track. I really like this painting, and I've sold the original already, but you can certainly order the print.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Everyone needs someone.

I had a strange thing happen to me with one of my horses: I was in town and kept feeling that my horse really needed me. I just had a very strong feeling. At the time I had just one horse, a grey Arabian mare. I got home late, in the dark, but I walked to the pasture and checked on her, especially her water tank. She had enough water and everything was fine. She came up to me and put here head in my chest and pressed as hard as she could. She had just been very lonely! Anyway, the painting up above is a sketch of her done on hand made bark paper and watercolor pencil.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Buffalo Hide Painting

This is a buffalo hide, painted in a style reminiscent of Plains Indian Ledger Art. The hide is quite big, over 7 feet tall and is painted with totem animal symbols. It is sold, but I'm trying to finish another one. It'll take 3-4 months to get one done.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Spirit Horse and the Rainbow Herd

Creatitivty is a strange and beautiful animal, almost impossible to tame. To let the it come through my paintings directly and as raw as I can make it is my goal. This painting is very immediate and has much movement and energy. I think I've captured the spark of creativity I want shimmering in every painting I create.

"Spirit Horse and the Rainbow Herd" original is sold, but prints are available. It was created using acrylic, watercolor, paper, watercolor pencil and crayon, guache.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Spirit in the Aspens

The white horse shows up in many legends across different cultures. Sometimes, in shamanic tradition, it is the guide which takes the traveler into the inner reaches of the spiritworld. This painting is symbolic of the spirit horse, watching over us as we meander through the forests of our soul. This painting is mixed media on board. I created the texture using paper and gesso, and painted it with acrylic, watercolor, guache, watercolor pencil and watercolor crayon. The original is sold, but prints are available for it. The small print is $65.00 and a big print is $195.00.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Brown is the new Black

When I paint, I like to use a lot of color, and it seems my palette almost always goes toward the Southwest I limited my paints to browns. This is the painting which resulted. It is the biggest painting I've done other than ledger art hide paintings, three by six feet. My goal was to capture the power and movement of a herd of horses--I think I got there. Its for sale for $3500.00. (Hey, this painting is now sold!, but prints are always available.)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

More horse paintings

I've been thinking about the Celtic horse goddess Epona. She would show herself as a white horse, or a woman riding on a white horse. There are lots of cross cultural connections in using the white horse as a totem or symbol. Anyway, I painted a couple of pieces in water media on handmade paper using the theme of the horse goddess. The one with three horses is done on bark paper using sepia ink and metallic powder. It is availabe for $450.00 The one with four horses is sold......but prints will be available in the near future.